Gernep has been manufacturing labeling machines for over 30 years in Bavaria, in the South of Germany.
A dedicated, highly skilled team of over 100 employees proudly work everyday to make exceptional labelers customized to your needs.


Focusing exclusively on designing, manufacturing and servicing rotary labelers has helped Gernep stay ahead of competition with it comes to technology, innovation and reliability.  The labeling machines gets all our attention; it is not only one piece of equipment on a bottling line.  The results:  User-friendly operation, quick changeovers, versatility, easy maintenance and production uptime.


The Gernep Labeling machines portfolio includes rotary labelers for cold glue cut & stack labels, hot glue cut & stack labels, pressure-sensitive labels and rollfed hot melt labels.  Any of those labeling technologies can be combined on the same machine for ultimate versatility.  Tamper evident labels, tax strip labels and foil labels (under or over cap) can also be applied to various bottle sizes and shapes.


The company culture to develop close relationship with customers means constant feedback to improve functionality and understand future market demands.  With Gernep, you do business with people who cares about you and your business success.


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Labeling Technologies

    • Pressure-sensitive labels from a roll
    • Rollfed labels applied with hot melt
    • Cut & stack labels applied with hot glue
    • Cut & stack labels applied with cold glue
    • Combination (2 or more of the above)


Specific Models

Optional Features

  • Bottle plate control system
  • Camera-based container orientation
  • Clamping star
  • Non-stop function with PS labeling
  • Camera-based label inspection
  • Mechanical orientation of clip-lock bottles
  • Mechanical Container Orientation
  • Photo-electronic container aligner
  • Metal foil application
  • Tamper evident cap labeling
  • Tax strip labeling
  • Dating/Coding

Gernep Labeling Machines

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Labeling Machines


Gernep Labeling Machines

Gernep Rotary Labeler for front & back label application on plastic bottles

Gernep hot melt cut & stack labeler for edible oil

Gernep hot melt rollfed labeler for edible oil

Rotary PS Labler for body and neck on beer bottles

Liebhart Brewery Labetta Front Back Tamper Evident Neck