Control GMC DM1000

The DM1000 is a bottom fill weigh filler designed specifically for the chemical industry and the food industry, for dangerous and/or foamy liquid products.


This bottom fill weigh filler comes with a vast number of adjustable parameters to achieve your right balance of speed and accuracy requirements, while controlling your production constraint.


The product is fed using a tank alone (client supply), or a tank connected to a pump (in option), for greater autonomy, speed, accuracy and flexibility.


Products fillers and mixers


High speed to start, and slow fill dribble flow to finish

High speed scale to allow high accuracy if required

PLC controlled

Control GMC - HMI: a user-friendly touch-screen machine/operator interface, with status, set up, a maintenance screen, and production statistics

Control GMC - Easy maintenance: easily accessible mechanical parts, simple open design. On-screen error detection and diagnosis. In-house programming & support. NEMA 4X wash down fibreglass control box, with temperature control when use in cold environment

Control GMC - Safeguard equipment & product quality: cleaning friendly, easy to dismantle and to wash within 10 minutes

Control GMC - Flexibility: adjustable opening and closing speed of the shut-off nozzle to reduce product splashing. 3 programmable up & down nozzle holder speeds


One system to increase the performances, made up of: 1 pump, 1 pressure equalizer, 1 pump control, 1 flow regulator, 1 stainless steel frame and 1 connections kit


Range: 5 lbs to 5.2 gal

Maximum speed per minute, up to: 30 for 5 lbs buckets, and 5 for 5.2 gal pails

Dispensing valve diameter: 1½ ``

Electricity: 115 VAC, 5 amps, 60 Hz

Compressed air: 5 cfm @ 100 psi

Footprint, approx (LxW): 45``x40`` / 45``x50`` (without / with the optional pump)


solids in brine