Control GMC DT1000

The DT1000 is a gravity filler for liquids that keeps a buffer-tank at constant level through a pump, thus allowing the filling of the liquid by time.


The dispensing valve is pneumatically actuated, and coupled to the level control of the buffer-tank; the filling will automatically stop, if the level is too low.


This is the best solution for liquids when a high accuracy is not required. For instance, this gravity filler is an excellent brine filler or water filler.


Products fillers and mixers


Simple and low investment cost

Ideal for the filling of liquid where low accuracy is required

PLC controlled

Control GMC - HMI: a user-friendly touch-screen machine/operator interface, with status, set up, a maintenance screen, and production statistics

Control GMC - Easy maintenance: easily accessible mechanical parts, simple open design. In-house programming & support


Range: 4 oz to 5 USGAL

Maximum speed per minute, up to: 70 for 1 lbs tubs, and 40 for 5 lbs buckets

Footprint, approx (L x W) : 40`` x 30``



solids in brine