FS1500 Lid Closer

Model FS1500 is a simple and efficient semi-automatic closing machine for pre-made plastic containers.


This motorized roller capper is used across many industries to close round, square and rectangular open-mouth containers like plastic cups, tubs and buckets.  Changeovers between different size and style of containers and lids are done without tools in minutes.


For larger containers, such as plastic pails or UN-Type pails, take a look at model FS1800 Pail Closing Machine.


The semi-automatic closing machine has a motorized conveyor with a FDA-approved seamless belt with enough traction to pull the container under the pressure rollers closing head, which is equipped with an air-removing wheel.  The FS1500 Lid Closing Machine is highly adaptable, whether your container is think HDPE plastic or think PET Clamshell.


The FS1500 lid closing machine can be used as a tabletop model, but options for stainless steel floor stand and locking casters are available.



Tub, bucket and cup lidder



Quick changeover without tools

Reliable air-removing closing head

Washdown Construction


Stainless Steel Floor Stand

Locking Casters

Infeed Table

Accumulation Table

1 additional protection against BRINE, CHLORIDES and ACIDS (recommended for corrosive ambient)


Range: 4 oz to 15 lbs

Container size may vary between 4oz to 4.5gal

Containers with height up to 14”, and width up to 12” with snap-on lids,

Electricity: 110V, 60 Hz

Compressed air: N/A

Gearmotor: AC motor with dedicated gearbox and inverter drive

Footprint without tables (L x W) : 36`` x 21``


viscous & semi-viscous



fresh produce


meats & proteins

nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

with chuncks

pet food

solids in brine