Control GMC FS1800-UN
UN-Type Pail Closing Machine

Like the FS1800, the FS1800-UN is a semi automatic closing machine that can close plastic containers as big as a 5 USGAL industrial pails, but in addition it can close UN type pails as well, which are required for dangerous liquids like acids.


This semi automatic pails roller capper closes tightly and effortlessly round, square or rectangular open mouth plastic containers, including tamper evident bucketsand pails.


Changeovers for different-size buckets and pails are done in seconds without tools.


This semi automatic buckets and UN-pails closing machine has a motorized conveyor with rough top belt for traction to pull the containers under the pressure rollers closing head equipped with a pneumatic air-removing wheel.


Denester machines and closers, transfer pumps and accumulation tables


High speed

Adjustable conveyor speed

Trustworthy air removing closing head

All metal parts in stainless steel => long lasting, fully washable

Height adjustable welded frame structure holding the conveyor

A dual wheel pneumatic lid air removing system

Control GMC - Flexibility: simple & quick container size changeover, with no tool, thanks to a screw height adjustment mechanism


Motorized pressure rollers head


Range: 2 lbs to 5.2 gal / up to 20`` height & 15`` width

Maximum speed per minute, up to: 50 for 2 lbs tubs, 40 for 5 lbs buckets, and 25 for 5 gal UN-Pails

Electricity: 115 VAC, 5 amps, 60 Hz

Compressed air: 1 cfm@ 80 psi

Footprint, approx (LxW): 50``x40``