Control GMC MIX300DE

Our line of Mixer-Elevators is design for maximum agitation thanks to the double concentric arms (Sigma & Blades). The mixer is mounted on load cells, allowing the operator to know exactly the amount of product loaded for mixing.


Its lifting and dumping capabilities, facilitate the transfer of mixed product into a kitchen cart or directly into a filler’s hopper for immediate packaging.


Tools less removable arms, for fast and efficient cleaning. Built according to the latest security code. (Z432-04 in Canada)


Products fillers and mixers


Super fast mixing thanks to the counter rotating paddles and ribbons

Toolless removal and re-attachment of the paddles and ribbons for easy cleaning

Mixing bin mounted on loadcells with digital display, for accurate ingredients' weight measurement

Combined paddles and ribbons rotation to facilitate mixer's dumping


Mixer capacity: 600lb or 1200lb

Mixing speed up to 45 RPM


viscous & semi-viscous

confection & sweets