Semi-automatic Tray Sealer
Model PL200G

Model PL200G is a semi-automatic sealing machine for premade plastic containers.


Cups, tubs, trays or buckets are manually placed into dedicated pockets, and the rollstock film is heat-sealed and cut to the desired shape.  Gas flushing (without prior vacuum) is also possible with our tray sealer to extend shelf life of your products.


Mainly use for food packing/packaging, our preset sealing heads and location plates allow you to use the machine to seal many different shapes of containers. Changeover can be done by the operator in less than 10 minutes.  It can be used to seal all types of sealable containers.  The semi-automatic sealer also works with paperboard or aluminium containers.


Our location plate forms a pocket around the container, allowing a “no vacuum” MAP system.  The sealing pressure is high enough to seal wide lip PET container with the required seal strength for HPP machine. (Resist to a vacuum corresponding to 22″ of mercury)


This tabletop semi-automatic heat sealing machine, can be supply on a mobile cart, which is ideal to move the machine close to your filling area.


Best way to insure product integrety and increase shelf life, the PL200G is particularly adapted for food packing/packaging.


Tub, tray, cup sealing machines


Possibility to seal 1 or 2 containers per cycle (max diameter of 5'' to run two containers per cycle)

No vacuum gas flush (MAP)

High cutting speed

PLC controlled

Temperature, pressure and seal time can be set

All metal parts are in stainless steel => long lasting, fully washable

Control GMC - Flexibility: thanks to a heating and cutting element integrated into one preset interchangeable piece, and full height adjustable components


set of heating and cutting element with its localization plate, for others containers sizes or shapes.

Hot stamp ribbon coder or date printer

Height adjustable supporting frame on locking wheels


Tray or container maximum size for single head : 12″ x 9″ (12'' x 7.5'' with gas flush)

Tray or container maximum size for double head : 5″ x 9″ (5'' x 7.5'' with gas flush)

Maximum speed 12 cycles per minute

Electricity: 115 VAC, 5 amps, 60 Hz

Compressed air: 1 cfm@ 80 psi

Film roll maximum diameter : 12″ (film core is 3'')

Footprint, approx: 32″x 34″x 40″


viscous & semi-viscous


fresh produce

meats & proteins

nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

pet food