Control GMC DM1600
Dual Belt Weigh Filler
part of cup filling/sealing line

The Dual Belt Weigh Filler by Control GMC is perfect to fill by weight a variety of solid products, including crumbled cheese, shredded cheese or any other similar products.  The Dual Belt Filler is fully washdown to sustain the harsh environment of dairy or meat plants and it is compact and easy to move compared to linear or multi-head scale.


This unit was designed to be integrated to model FDS2500 cup/tub filling lines, where load cells are built-in the conveyor to allow coarse filling and fine filling at two different stations.


The FDS2500 is a versatile filling machine for rigid plastic containers that automatically denest retail type containers like cups, tubs, trays or buckets and transport them to the filling station, activates the optional cup sealing machine, (see our PL500), bring the containers under the lid or over-cap depositor unit, and then under the closing unit.


Built for retail type open mouth containers, its versatility allows you to fill on the same machine many different shapes ( round, square, oval) and size containers either in plastic, paperboard, aluminium etc.  The basic machine allows you to fill and close regular or tamper evident containers.  Adding a heat sealing unit for film (see PL500) allows you to run sealable containers with or without an over-cap.


Set up time takes about 20 minutes.  For different size or shape of containers and lids, pre-adjusted toolings can be bought for a nominal cost allowing you to introduce at will  new SKU to stay on top of the market.


Cup, tub and tray filling line/machine


DM1600 controlled by machine PLC

Low-level hopper for bulk products

All metal parts in stainless steel => long lasting, fully washable

NEMA 4X wash down fibreglass control box, with temperature control when use in cold environment.

Variable speed

No-tools and no change parts

On-screen error detection and diagnosis


Bulk elevator for products for longer autonomy

1 ``hat``: i.e. a vertical pneumatically actuated PRODUCT CONTAINMENT SYSTEM, at the filling position : to guide the dry product in pieces down to the container and avoid at the same time the product to bounce out of the container

1 automatic feta (or similar) cheese block cutter or dicer

1 in line check weigher with container ejector (recommended for feta cheese blocks or similar products) Can also be use when possible, to readjust the filler.

1 additional protection against BRINE, CHLORIDES and ACIDS (recommended for corrosive ambient)

1 accumulation turning table at the exit of the filling line (see the T50)


Range: 4 oz to 4 lbs (option for more)

Maximum speed per minute is dependant on products

Electricity: 208-240 VAC, 5 amps, 60 Hz

Gearmotor: AC motor with dedicated gearbox and inverter drive

Top of hopper height: +/- 73``

Footprint, approx (L x W) : 53`` x 57``, with no option




fresh produce

meats & proteins

nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

pet food

solids in brine