Automatic Wrap Labeler

Our entry-level automatic wrap labeler is a proven system for companies looking to improve the quality and productivity of their operations when it comes to round bottles labeling.


This wrap Labeler includes a variable speed motorized conveyor, 12 inch Wrap belt, open-frame, a basic control box and a servo label applicator. The control panel consist of buttons and potentiometers, but it can be upgraded to an Allen Bradley touch screen and PLC.


Other popular options are coders/printers to print variable information on the label, label presence inspection, reject station for faulty bottles or trap & wrap system for orientation or very long labels.


If your need is for a labeler to apply labels to conical deli tubs, there is a slightly different model available that can do wrap and top labeling of deli tub.




High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

Herma servo label head

Compliant to safety regulations e.g. UL, CSA, OSHA

Motorized conveyor

Open-frame design

Quick Bottle Size Changeovers

Ready to integrate TTO or Laser coder


Coder (thermal transfer or laser)

Vision inspection (OCR/OCV)

Bottle orientation prior label application

Tall labels (240mm or 300mm instead of 160mm)

Extended lenght conveyor

Allen Bradley PLC & HMI

Recipe management via touch screen

Redundant system (by adding a second label head)

Reject system for faulty bottles


Dedicated to round containers

Speed up to 60 per minute

208V, 1ph, 60Hz / 24VDC

300mm (11.5'') diameter label rolls

160mm (6'') label height (standard)


viscous & semi-viscous



Pharma & Nutra

nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

with chuncks

pet food