Concetti FFS-E
Form-Fill-Seal Bagger from tubular reel

This form-fill-seal machine for large bags is designed to achieve speeds of 30 per minute on 25kg bags, depending on product characteristics.


It had been designed with three operating stations: one for bag bottom forming. sealing and cutting, the second for the filling and the third for the bag top sealing.  Length of the bags can be easily adjusted.


All parameters are memorized in the PLC and can be changed from the HMI. Quick products or bag size changeovers without any intervention by the operator, thanks to the actuators installed.


The relatively small footprint of the FFS-E makes it easy to install it in any production site; its monoblock structure is open on the bottom, making the cleaning and inspection operations extremely simple, and its interlock doors ensure a maximum safety for the operators.


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Form-Fill-Seal Bagger for large bags

Concetti Group Italy FFS-E Bagger from Tubular Reel


For powders and granular products

Bags made from tubular reel (1200/1500 mm diameter)

Suitable for PP, PE, PET, ALU/PE film

High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

Allen Bradley PLC

Proface HMI (Allen Bradley optional)

Central operation and visualization via touch screen

Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, CSA, OSHA

Bag control (no bag - no filling)

Bag gripper adjustment from HMI

Remote machine access

Recipe management from HMI


Servo-assisted system for the tubular reel change

Date Code Systems

Micro-perforation of the reel to evacuate the air inside the bag

Probe to evacuate the air from the filled bag

45°-sealing for the bottom and top corners of the gusseted bags

IP 65 rated protection (washdown)

Punch device to create handles during the bag-formation stage

Device to create gussets from a flat tubular reel

Product deareation system by means of probes

Stainless steel execution


Sealable film from tubular reel / Thickness 80-250 µm

Maximum speed of 2000 bags per hour

Bag weight: 4kg to 50kg

Bag lenght: min 550 max 1000 mm

Bag width: min 320 max 420 mm

Gusset depth: min 40 max 90 mm

380V, 60Hz / 24VDC

Air consumption: 110 Nl/cycle




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