Global Versa GP Checkweigher

The Thermo Scientific™  Global Versa GP checkweighers are designed to improve accuracy and reliability, decreasing maintenance, product giveaway and total cost of ownership. Our global manufacturing and service teams enable a high level of solutions and service support wherever you do

Over 10 engineering and functionality improvements over previous technology deliver systems with peak performance and draw from more than 50 years of experience in checkweigher design and use.




Frames designed to minimize flat surfaces and slots, reducing food buildup.

Stainless steel conveyor beds

Rapid-release conveyors and belts eliminate need for tools to remove or replace

Tool-less thumb screw adjusts belt tracking

Captive conveyor rollers easy to adjust

Easy-to-read color touch screens

Configurable security access levels

Intuitive menu operation


Optional stainless-steel rollers and load cells

HD construction for thermal shock caused by cleaning, includes 316 stainless steel construction

High temperature PVDF liners for hot products

Heavy-duty flip up polycarbonate control panel cover for extra protection

LED alarm/fault lights and horn

Remote control panel mounting with optional tilt feature

Thermo Fisher designed and built conveyors in North America, Europe and China

Mounting and conversion kits for other metal detectors


Up to 300 packages per minute

Operating Temperature 5° to 40°C (40° to 104°F)

Height Line 24.8 - 45.3 in.

Accuracy: Up to +/-0.1 g at 2 sigma

Weight Range (Metric) 5-1500g


viscous & semi-viscous



Pharma & Nutra

nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

with chuncks

pet food