SN Pouch-Pack LMS 120 / 124
HFFS for center-spout pouch
Yogurt, Fruit Puree & Sauce

The LMS 120 / LMS 124 are intermittently operating oval rotary machines, characterized by their 20/24 stations. They are suitable for the production of flat bags or stand-up pouches, even with resealing systems, such as spouts or zippers. Their high-quality technology can be applied in a variety of industries with their various product types and consistencies.


Ideal for semi-viscous products like fruit puree, juice, yogurt or any dairy or liquid products where a closure is required.  The SN LMS 120/124 is an UltraClean Horizontal Form-Fill-Fitment Bagger that can be executed to meet USDA 3A sanitation construction.  Thanks to the oval/rotary design of the filling area, it is possible to perform multi shot filling.  This Horizontal FFS Bagger for spouted pouch can be integrated to a variety of dosing equipment such as piston filler, flow meter filler, auger filler, combination scale or micro-pump for smallest volumes.


Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Bagger

SN Pouch bagger - HFFS for Spouted Pouch


High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

Wash down construction

Allen Bradley PLC and HMI

Central operation and visualization via touch screen

Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, CSA, OSHA

Pouch control (no pouch - no filling)

Cutting and gluing table

Film edge control

Motor driven roll lifting unit


Peripheral units can be easily integrated

Synchronization with linear and multi-head weighers


USDA 3A Construction

Date Code Systems

Ultrasonic sealing

Reclosure systems

Dosing equipment: cup filler, auger filler, scales, micro pump for smallest volumes, piston filler

Recipe management

Opposite side construction


Sealable laminated film

Standard for dry products (optional washdown)

400V or 230V / 24VDC

Pneumatic: ca. 600. Nl/min, 6 bar


Pouch size: Width 50-200 mm , Length 80 - 350 mm

Speed: Up to 60 pouches per minute

LMS 120 225 DUPLEX

Pouch size: Width 50 - 100 mm , Length 80 - 250 mm

Speed: Up to 120 pouches per minute

LMS 124 425 QUADRO

Pouch size: Width 50 - 100 mm , Length 80 - 250 mm

Speed: Up to 240 pouches per minute


viscous & semi-viscous



Frozen / IQF


Pharma & Nutra

nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

with chuncks

pet food