Rollfed 10-640 1RA
Rollfed Hot Melt Labeler
For round or shaped bottles

The GERNEP ROLLFED Labeler is the economical way to help manufacturers be more competitive on price without compromising their brands for a variety of bottled products.  This labelling machine will run inexpensive labels of all types, including “no-label-look” clear film, which is ideally suited for the beverage segment.


The beverage, food and chemical industries are extremely competitive and Managers are always looking for ways to bring down the cost of their products.  With that mind, Gernep Labeling Systems has developed the Rollfed Rotary Labeler Series to apply film labels from rolls to almost any shape of bottles or containers with straight walls.


Here are the main benefits of the GERNEP ROLLFED Labeler:
– Low cost of labels (supplied in reels without backing paper)
– Low glue consumption (applied only on leading and trailing edges of labels)
– Closed loop hot melt dispenser (quick and easy cleaning)
– Non-stop production with second roll holder and splicing module
– Label material in rolls instead of stacks (wide variety of film available)


Great fit for edible oil bottles
Edible oil can be found in many different bottles and containers, but some formats seem to remain more popular in the retail space.  Think of olive oil in square or round glass bottles with ROPP caps or canola oil in tall rectangular plastic bottles.  In both case, a roll fed labeler for hot melt applied labels is a perfect fit for bottle decoration.


For larger size bottles, like gallon/4 liters F-Style container (click to see video), it is also possible to apply a full wrap hot melt label around this type of container.  In the video above, you can see a fairly simple application of a full-wrap label on a round bottle.  If you want to see partial wrap (3-panel application) on rectangular oil bottles, click this link for the Rollina Hot Melt Cut & Stack Labeler.


Contact-free gluing
The GERNEP ROLLFED sprays glue directly on the leading and trailing edges of the labels while it is on a vacuum drum, thus maximising glue consumption.  The hot melt glue nozzles are fully adjustable depending on height and length of the labels.  For applications where the label has to be glued right up to the trailing edge, the end gluing of the label can be done by a height adjustable end gluing bar.



Herma Servo Label Dispenser
Herma is well-known in North America for their pressure-sensitive label heads, but it is a well-kept secret that they have also developed a special dispenser for roll fed labels to be applied with hot melt.


Fully automatic and accurate, the Herma label dispenser feeds the labels using a servo motor going to the exact cutting position on the drum, which is positively registered by the colour contrast sensor.  A special variable speed transmission makes it easy to position the label on the vacuum drum and in turn to the bottle table for very accurate and simple electronic synchronisation.



Multiple labels applied to the same bottle
For situations where you need to apply multiple labels to the same bottle, Gernep also integrates Herma pressure-sensitive label heads to the Rollfed labelers.  Indeed, if you are using a hot melt applied labels for the body, but need to apply spot labels to the neck or other parts of the bottle, we can design combination labeler (click to see video) for your specific needs.


Those modular label applicators offer a variety of configurations when it comes to reel size, label size and dispensing speed.  But above all, the servo-driven Herma Label Applicators are perfectly integrated with the main control of the Gernep Rotary Labeler and all parameters are memorized by the PLC for quick format changeovers.



Non-Stop Operation
The GERNEP ROLLFED Rotary Labeler platform is available in several configurations, and additional label dispensers can be installed around the same machine frame.   For non-stop (zero downtime) production with rollfed labels, the ideal solution is to install a second reel holder to the same Herma label dispenser, along with an auto-splicing unit.  As soon as a low level of label is detected on one reel, the second roll is automatically spliced with tape and production continues without interruption.



Serialization & Traceability
The Gernep Rotary Labelers with servo-driven bottles plates are ready to integrate the hardware to print, inspect and aggregate variable information printed on the labels and the bottles.  Beverages, food products and chemicals are subject to counterfeiting and serializing is the gold standard for anti-counterfeiting, allowing track and trace, low-cost per item and real-time responses to track the origin and history of your products and identify points of grey market diversions.


A traceability platform implementation from your plant to the end-user will guarantee the authenticity of our products an make sure to minimize diversion, counterfeit and fraud.  To find out more about serialization and traceability visit Optel Group website.



Our ROLLFED Labeler is not the right solution?  We have alternatives:


Hot Melt Cut & Stack labeler
Gernep Rollina Hot Melt Labeler


Rotary Labeler for pressure-sensitive labels
Gernep Soluta PS Labeler


Inline Wrap Labeler for round containers
Inline Wrap Labeler




High quality construction and long-lasting machine components

Siemens or B&R Automation PLC and HMI

Herma servo label applicators

Compliant to safety regulations e.g. UL, CSA, OSHA

Toothed-belt driven bottle plates

Quick change format parts

Stainless steel machine table

Ready to integrate coding and inspection hardware


Servo-driven bottle plates

Coder (ink jet, thermal transfer or laser)

Vision inspection / Label presence

Faulty bottle reject system

Optical / Camera system for bottle orientation

Tall labels

Extended lenght conveyor

Non-stop production by adding second roll holder + splicer

Allen Bradley Control (depending on model)


Round, oval, square and rectangular containers

Speed: Up to 550 bottles per minute (depending on model)

208V, 1ph, 60Hz / 24VDC

600mm (23'') diameter label rolls

120mm (4.72'') label height (standard)





Pharma & Nutra

nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

pet food