Filling Line for dips
FDS 4500 Dual Lane
w/ Piston Filler

Fully automatic filling line for dips and prepared salads in plastic deli-tubs.  Model FDS 4500 is a dual-lane (2 up tub filler) that will denest plastic tubs, move empty tubs under the fill-station, heat-seal film from rollstock and apply lids at speed of 60 to 70 tubs per minute.  Multiple fillers can be added or easily interchanged to fill different products such a soups with solids in suspension or solid products such as feta cubes or crumbled blue cheese.


The FDS 4500 is perfect for food processors interested in filling, sealing and lidding retail type containers like plastic cups, tubs and trays or institutional containers like buckets or small pails.  Prior lidding, the tubs can be sealed with plastic or foil with model PL500 (no gas flush), model PL500G (gas flush) or PL500PC for pre-cut foil seals.


Dips and prepared salads can be filled with our DV-Series piston fillers.  Model DV2000 by Control GMC was designed accurately fill semi-viscous and viscous products. The same piston filler can be used to fill 8oz tubs up to 2 gallons buckets with a simple adjustment.  Thanks to years of experience and know-how, even liquid products with chunks will be filled accurately and won’t be smashed or damaged, all with the same piston filler.


Set up time take about 20 minutes.  When required, pre-adjusted tooling for a new container shape or size  can be bought for a nominal cost allowing you to introduce at will  new SKU to stay on top of the market.


Cup, tub and tray filling line/machine


Allen Bradley PLC & HMI

HMI: user-friendly touch-screen machine/operator interface, with status, set-up, maintenance screen, and production statistics

True one by one lids escapement system

Reliable pick and place unit for lids distribution

Sanitary Design - Fully Washdown Machine

Trustworthy air removing closing head

NEMA 4X wash down control box, with temperature control when use in cold environment.

Flexibility: simple & quick container size changeover, with a unique pocket-like adjustable conveyor.


Additional denester head(s) for different lid formats

Additional denester(s) head(s) for different containers format

Additional Filler/scale if more than one product is filled

Transfer pump(s) to feed the filler(s) (see the PV series)

1 in line check weigher with container ejector (recommended for feta cheese blocks or similar products) Can also be use when possible, to readjust the filler.

1 additional protection against BRINE, CHLORIDES and ACIDS (recommended for corrosive ambient)

1 container lifting device at the filling position for BOTTOM FILL; for example, to compact dry powder while filling, or for ice cream application to avoid air entrapment

1 accumulation turning table at the exit of the filling line (see the T50)


Range: 4 oz to 15 lbs

Up to: 70 per minute (product dependant)

Electricity: 208-240 VAC, 5 amps, 60 Hz

Compressed air: up to 2 cfm @ 80 psi

Gearmotor: AC motor with dedicated gearbox and inverter drive

Lids pile up height: 40``

Containers pile up height: 60``


viscous & semi-viscous


meats & proteins

with chuncks

solids in brine