Triangle XYM15 Vertical Bagger
USDA/3A sanitation standards

The Triangle XYM15 is a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger that can run a variety of bag styles, sizes, speeds, and film structures.  Model XYM15 is a continuous motion machine and it is ideal for a variety of markets, including: cereal, cheese, coffee, produce, IQF products, pasta, poultry, meat, and seafood.


It is the only vertical form fill seal bagger that offers the flexibility to run traditional heat sealing or Ultrasonic welding on the same machine.  With additional options such as zipper applicators and 3 level of sanitation standards, these rugged and sanitary vffs bagging machines are an ideal choice for cheese and meat packaging applications.


Model XYM15  features:


  • Constant motion for speeds up to 150 bags/minute.
  • All servo VFFS baggers for faster operating speeds.
  • Quick changeover of sealing jaws (to switch non-laminated film)
  • Constant film motion for consistent web tracking and superior back seals.
  • Unique center-lining provides quick changeovers
  • Film roll changes achieved in less than a minute


  • Open-frame architecture for easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Pivoting control box for 360-degree machine access.
  • USDA and 3A sanitation standards.
  • Continuously-welded tubular frame maximises rigidity.
  • Cross members rotated 45 degrees to allow product runoff.


  • Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) ControlLogix platform
  • Servo motors reduce troubleshooting and provide superior performance
  • Jaw opening/closing is keyboard adjustable to insure superior end seals
  • Automatic speed change based on an up-stream signal


Vertical Form-Fill-Seal

VFFS Bagger for Doypack


Meet USDA and 3A sanitation standards

Designed to run pillow, gusseted or flat bottom bags

Four sides of access with pivoting control box

Allen Bradley ControlLogixPLC

Allen Bradley HMI

Central operation and visualization via touch screen

Compliant to safety regulations e.g. CE, UL, CSA, OSHA

Traveling fingers to funnel

Remote machine access

Ready to integrate combination scale, auger filler, piston filler or customized feed system

Ready to integrate Ink jet or TTO coder

Recipe management from HMI


Zipper applicator

Ultrasonic sealing

Date Code Systems

Gas flush or brine filling

Semi-automatic splicing and second position film stand available


Laminated film or non-laminated (option)

Bag width: 2.25'' to 15''

Speed: Up to 120 bags per minute

220V, 3ph, 60Hz / 24VDC




Solids in brine


nuts & dried fruits

confection & sweets

Shrimp & Seafoods

pet food