X-Ray system
Pipeline Inspection

The Pipeline X-ray system inspects pumped product and rejects contaminants prior to packaging or processing.  It is designed to specifically address the unique requirements posed by products flowing through a pipe, as well as helping manufacturers comply with stringent HACCP protocols and food safety requirements.


This inspection leads to fewer wasted packaging materials, creates less rework and greatly reduces product loss caused by the removal of contaminants after packaging. By removing contaminants earlier in the process, the potential for expensive downtime events and damage to downstream equipment is reduced.


Typical applications include:

  • Whole muscle such as chicken breasts
  • Ground meat (beef, pork, poultry)
  • Pie fillings, salads, soups, and sauces
  • Ice cream & yogurt
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables


The pipeline x-ray inspection system is perfect to install between your processing system and our DV-Series Piston Fillers.


Inspection Systems


Built to operate in harsh food environment

Automatically adapt to changes in the flow rate of products (encoder)

Heavy-duty frame and components

Servo actuated rotary reject valve with confirmation

Traceability and storage of inspection results

Hygienic design and washdown construction

QA System Support

Fully auditable, reject integrity measures as standard.

Time out control / reject-track software

Test piece port as standard

Easy to use graphical display to support Reject Integrity compliance tests

Reject Integrity compliance tests logged and available for download or email

Statistics download or email configurable by time, product code changeover or on demand

Statistics output by eternal IP65 USB, ethernet or by email

QA alerts emailed in real time


Available in 3 sizes: 1.5'' (38mm), 2.5'' (60mm) and 3'' (75mm) pipes

Speed: 14,000 kg/h for meat and poultry

Detector pixel size: 0.4mm

15'' Color HMI

Memory: Up to 500 products

Electricity: 220V to 240V, 1ph, 60Hz

Protection: IP66


viscous & semi-viscous

prepared salads

meat & poultry

with chuncks